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About Nation Simulations

Nation Simulations, Nation Simulators or simply Nation Sims, are games, usually run on a forum, that detail the interaction of multiple countries or nations. They can be as basic as a game set in the real world or historical setting, or as fantasical as those set in fictional worlds and even span galaxies.

About Us

By "Us", we mean those that have put the work in to run this site. Right now there are a few of "Us", though there may be more that come later. We are all old hats at making, playing and running these types of games, and enjoy it enough that we started this site.

Supreme Overlord Cthulhuvong

But really I'm a nice guy...I'm the owner of this site, though it s a colaboration between many people and ideas. Join the /alpha/ forum to say hi and join in a game. Maybe even make your own at some point! Just have fun and enjoy the community.